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One Color Poly Mailer

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Ship Products Fast With Custom Poly Mailers 

Not all products are shipped in a box. For non-fragile items, custom printing poly mailer bags are an economical choice. Made of weatherproof 2.85 mil. white plastic, these plastic shipping bags are lightweight and space-saving. They do not require assembly as most boxes do, so you can save time and money on shipping.

Benefits of Using Custom Poly Mailers   

Some products require boxes for shipping. For small and lightweight items like apparel, snacks, and books, you can use poly mailers to get them to customers’ homes. Here are other reasons why custom mailer bags could be helpful to your business:  

  • Save on shipping costs. Weight matters when it comes to shipping. Custom Poly mailers use fewer materials compared to traditional packaging, so you’ll pay less by weight. Shipping through USPS postal program costs a lot less if your item is less than 13 oz. Plus, the delivery time is much faster too.  
  • Keep products secure. Poly mailers come with a peel and seal closure. This adhesive saves you time from assembling and gluing pieces together. They are also tamper-resistant, preventing packages from being opened and re-sealed. 
  • Prevent product damage. Poly mailers are waterproof, preventing products from getting wet during transit. Since they are made of plastic, poly mailers are nearly impenetrable by water and do not crumble easily when wet.  

Brand Every Packaging You Ship   

Bulk custom poly mailers can be customized with your logo and colors for brand awareness. Add an eye-catching artwork to your packaging. Custom poly mailers are available in three (3) sizes with a sizeable print area for your design:  

Poly Mailer Size 

Print Area 

9.5" w x 12" h + 2" flap

6" x 8"  

12" w x 15.5" h + 2" flap

8" x 8"  

15" w x 18" h + 2" flap

10" x 10"  

If you are shipping different items, we recommend getting a custom box instead. Poly mailers are great for non-fragile and lightweight products that can be shipped without thick padding. We offer bulk printing, so you can order as many as 5,000 poly mailers at a time. Print poly mailers today and have them ready to ship in three (3) business days.  

Poly Mailers FAQs  

Q: Can I print my artwork on the whole custom poly mailer? 

A: We currently do not offer full-bleed printing on poly mailers. Our poly mailers have specific print areas where you can place your design and are one color only. 


Q: Are the custom poly mailers self-sealing? 

A: Yes, the mailers have self-sealing adhesive that keeps the contents secure and tamper-proof.  

Q: Can I have more than one color in my design? 

A: No, for custom poly mailers you are limited to one color design within the print area specified above. 

Q: What if I don't have a one color logo? 

A: Not a problem, upload your full color logo and we will do our best to convert to one color. 

Minimum Order Quantity: 250