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The Best Promotional Products for the End of 2021 - 6 Most Popular Promotional Products

Advertising and marketing are two key essential parts of any business looking to grow. 

Sure, you can advertise on social media, but what is something that will really have potential customers wanting to work or shop with you? 

When picking out promotional items, you might as yourself the following questions: 

1) Is this practical? 

2) Will this break my advertising budget? 

3) Will this accommodate everyone? 

No need to worry! We are here to help you find the 6 most popular and practical promotional products that won’t have you breaking any budgets! 

1: Personal Protective Equipment (PPE): 

Custom face masks have quickly become one of the most popular promotional products of all time. Think about it. 

In this day and age, on average, a person will most likely see hundreds of face masks throughout their day. 

You see them in coffee shops every morning. The gym. The workplace. The lunch room. Restaurants at dinnertime. 

Facemasks are everywhere. 

Facemask with your business on them? You will reach more people that way, than any facebook or instagram ad you run. 

You might be thinking, “I don’t pay enough attention to all the face masks that are me”. However, studies show creating a facemask that is different, will make more people attentive. 

For example, when I see a red face mask with white ear straps, I can almost guarantee it’s going to be a door dash mask. 

Create a mask that is unique and original to you and your business!

2) Tote Bags: 

Visit any promotional products site and I can guarantee that you will see a number of different tote bags. 

Different styles. Different colors. Different sizes. 

Tote bags have quickly become one of the most popular promotional products out there. 

Statistics show that in 2018 about 38% of millennials and 45% of boomers, use reusable grocery bags. 

That should make reusable totes a no brainer promotional product for any business owner. 

If your business goes to farmers market, trade shows, or any big event, your tote bag will be a life saver for most people! 

Think about it. At most of these places there are multiple businesses that will be handing out useless junk, like pens and pins. People are going to need something to hold all this. 

Thats where your tote bags come in. Customers will be thanking you for handing out a useful product. 

3) Water Bottles: 

As a society, we are way more aware of the health benefits that come from staying hydrated. 

Studies show that staying well hydrated can help reduce high blood pressure, combat fatigue, stop high cholesterol, eliminate digestive disorders, and so much more! 

Mayo Clinic recommends the average adult drink 3.7 liters for a male and 2.7 liters for a female. However, not everyone has the time to stop and fill up a glass of water every hour. 

Well you’re in luck. With the world we live in today, reusable water bottles are quickly becoming the item that millennials and gen z will not leave the house without. 

I, myself, am guilty of this. 

Creating a promo product that people will take with them everywhere, is something every business owner should strive for. 

Reusable water bottles might as well be the golden ticket for you.

The nice thing about using reusable water bottles as your go to promotional product, is that you can set the price. 

With the large variety of reusable water bottles available, finding one that is perfect for your business, as well as your budget will be an easy find! 

4). Coffee Mugs: 

You can never, I repeat, never, go wrong with choosing a coffee mug as a promotional product. 

There is nothing better than holding a hot cup of coffee in the mornings. Americans seem to agree. 

In 2020 Americans drank about 146 billion cups of coffee. After water, coffee is the second most drank beverage. On average, a human drinks at least 2 cups of coffee a day. 

In my case, that number doubles and let me tell you,I reach for the same mug every morning. Can you imagine the business you would get with your logo on 146 billion coffee mugs? 

Ok that may be an overshot, but still, if your business is on even a fraction of coffee mugs, you can guarantee that not only will your mug be used, but it may even be the mug that someone reaches for every morning. 

5) Custom Screen Printed T-shirts: 

Have you ever been to a baseball game? You know that part of the game when the mascot comes out with a t- shirt cannon. The fans at the game go crazy. 

Like “tackle the person next to you and jump over the bleacher seat” crazy. Everyone loves a good t-shirt, especially when they get them for free. 

A study was run on a batch of consumers not too long ago and the statistics may shock you. 

76% of consumers studied said they could remember the brand name of a company that gave them a tshirt. 

While only, 27% remember an online ad they saw in the past. 

Custom tees are used by everyone. Restaurants, bands, theme parks, and so many more! People want their name and brand to be remembered and studies show that a t shirt is one of the best ways to do that!

6) Phone Accessories: 

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to know that people are addicted to their phones. We spend on average 4 hours on our phones every single day. 

We play games, catch up on videos, prepare work reports, video chat with long distance friends, whatever the situation is, your phone most likely will be used. 

Creating a promotional product revolving around all these scenarios, is key! 

These promotional products can include phone cases, pop sockets, chargers, and other mobile accessories. 

When you make a product that someone will look at for 4 hours a day, your target consumer is going to be engaging more with your business than an ad they will scroll past in less than two seconds. 


Studies have been shown that 75% of consumers will have a favorable opinion on the business that gave a promotional product. 

It’s time to ditch the pens and start giving your consumer something they will actually be excited about receiving! Give them something that they will use every single day. 

Picking an exciting and practical promotional product will do more advertising and marketing for your business than any social media ad out there!

Contact us today to get your order started and chat with a garment or promo specialist to ensure your campaign performs the best it can!

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