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5 Reasons Why You Need to Ditch the Boring Bachelorette Tees

Every woman's style is different. It changes day to day. This means picking out shirts for your bachelorette party may be a challenge. Keep reading...

Table of Contents: 

  1. Intro

  2. Party Pleaser - Reason 1

  3. Theme - Reason 2

  4. Valued Opinion - Reason 3

  5. Complete Control - Reason 4

  6. Save You Money - Reason 5

  7. Conclusion

You might have a bridesmaid who loves pink but hates the basic sayings. You might have a bride who wants everyone to look uniformed but not too matchy matchy. Either way, it can be a challenge to try to please everyone. Having to order and pick out bachelorette tee’s adds on a new stressful wedding task that no one really worries about until it is time to place the order. We’re here to help make this task a little less daunting and list a few reasons why customizing your bachelorette tees may be the way to go. 

Reason #1

First, customizing gives the power to please everyone (well at least the best you can). With personal and customized bachelorette tees, you open the door for everyone to have a say in what is put on them. You can put bridesmaids names, nicknames or even funny sayings about each one. Personalizing each Bachelorette tee shows your bridesmaids you thought about each one of them while creating the shirts. Creating custom shirts will allow you to think of each individual person in your bridal and what makes them important to you. Maybe you’ll think of that one girls trip you took? Maybe you’ll reminisce on your college days with your roomie? Either way, everyone loves to take a trip down memory lane and think of the best days with their girls! 

Reason #2

Theme. Typical bachelorette parties are no longer the move! Nowadays themed bachelorette parties are the way to go! Whether it's a cowgirl theme in Nashville or a Rock Barbie theme in Memphis, customizing your own tee’s are the perfect way to add a little spice to the theme. Bridal parties will be able to create shirts to fit their ideal theme and locations. Adding little touches of your specific theme makes your bachelorette party that much more fun and special. 

Reason #3

Another great reason is that your bridesmaids will love that you value their opinion. Bridesmaids love to feel like they have a say in what they wear during the whole wedding process. They love to know you care about their input and feelings. Allowing them to have a say in what is placed on the shirts will show them you care. Everyone has different tastes and everyone is a different size. Adding even a little bit of difference in each personalized bachelorette t-shirt will allow you to show a little bit of the different personalities in your bridal party. Every bride wants their bridesmaids to feel confident, right? If they feel confident, then they radiate confidence, which will make everyone happy and content. Allowing them to have a say about what they wear or what is on their shirt, will show greatly on not only your bridesmaids, but you. 

Reason #4

The bride or Maid of Honor has complete control! We’ve all ordered things online. There is no worse feeling than waiting and waiting for a package, only for it to arrive and look completely different from what you were expecting. No one wants that, especially when it comes to weddings. Extra specially a situation like this... 

With personalized bachelorette tees you know exactly what you are getting. You know every design, color, and t-shirt style you should receive. You get to make all the decisions. When you purchase the classic “Bride Tribe” or “Bridesmaid” Tee, they seem to come off..bland. You don’t get to pick the placement of the words, the color of the font and can rarely change the words placed on the tee. We know it’s easier to just click on amazon and pick the first selection that works for you. But the problem is, those shirts won’t show your personality, nor your bridesmaids. With personalized tee’s you are able to pick the font, color and saying that will be on your shirts. Maybe you want something on the back? Maybe you want cool glitter lettering? Maybe you have any idea of the font you were looking for? Maybe half your bridesmaids want v necks and half want tank tops? You have complete control over how you want to style these tees and most importantly, what style shirt everyone wants. Nowadays, the style for bachelorette tee’s isn't the same as it once was. Brides and Bridesmaids are creating their own personal styles and sayings for their tee’s. The typical “ Bride” and “Bride Tribe” sayings have officially gone out of style. “Baddie”, “Drunk Sister”, “Hottie”, these are the sayings that have become more popular nowadays to use on your t-shirts. However, not many of your basic t shirt shops offer these. So needless to say, it’s probably time to stop letting other people decide what you get to wear, and start creating a shirt that you and your favorite girls will! 

Reason #5

Another plus side to customizing your bachelorette party tees is you might actually save money. Weddings are expensive for everyone one involved but especially the bride. So saving a few bucks here and there can actually help you and your bridesmaids out. Saving money on Bachelorette tee’s is one way you can cut costs. This can be for different reasons. One being, you set the budget for how much you spend and you get to pick the shirts that fits best into said budget. Most t-shirts companies you buy from are going to charge you the most they can. When you can’t pick the style of tee you want, you’re stuck with a mediocre and bland tee that you paid an arm and a leg for that no one is going to wear again. No bride wants that. You want to create a t-shirt that your bridesmaids will want to wear more than once. 


Needless to say, the bachelorette party is the second wedding event that brides look forward to the most, besides the ceremony of course. Bridesmaids want to make the bachelorette party an unforgettable night for the bride. We recommend going the extra mile and creating personalized bachelorette tees that will help any bridal party create a night the bride and themselves won’t forget. If you are interested in getting started with your own bachelorette party designs we have you covered with over 1000 clip art and pre made designs using our online customizer. Get started today here - AMSManufacturing.com

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